The West District Council is one of twenty one district councils which together form the National Body of Cycling Time Trials. Cycling Time Trials is the governing body for the running of cycling road time trials in England and Wales.
Open Events

The Events page has now been updated to include the Open Events for 2006. Club events will be finalised and posted soon.


National Meeting I am pleased to announce that the our motion, for CTT to publish the top 10 results plus prize winners for each event, was successful. There was an amendment submitted that tried to change the emphasis back to the Organisers, in that they should be encouraged to submit their results. However that was defeated.

Some debate centred around how much time this may take, or how it might impact on current activity. There was support from the Chair of the meeting provided the objective could be achieved, and overall the opinion was that it was a desirable facility to have on the website.

Our proposal in support of the motion was:
We appreciate that there is already a very good results service on the website but it is not comprehensive. It is the contention of the West DC that the coverage of our events in the national press has been in decline for some time. It was not many years ago that you could rely on both a National Newspaper and a well known cycling magazine to report the results in the week that they happened. These days if they appear at all it is more like two to three weeks after the event.

Rather than rely on the publishers of these periodicals we feel that we should use our own website to greater effect. The results are often the full result and in an ideal world we should like to see that for every event, but as an expedient starting point we have proposed just the top 10, plus prize winners.

If you want to find the results of any sporting event where would you look, presumably the Governing Body’s website would be your first stop. Hence our desire to see this on our own website. We are not dictating how this should be done, (we are sure that there is a simple solution that could be implemented using e-mail), all we are asking is that these results are published within a sensible timescale for the benefit of all riders and interested parties. It may even prove to be of benefit in getting the media to improve their coverage providing a single source of information.

Summary. We submitted this motion knowing that the implementation of it will need support from the event organisers. If you support this motion then you will also need to support it in a practical way too. But we feel this is essential for the good of our sport.

Most of the other motions also went the way they we had instructed our delegates to vote. The decisions were:

Item 6:  Subscriptions for commercially-named clubs. Passed

Item 7:  Voting procedures – straight majority for Regulations. Failed

Item 8:  Layout of Circuit events. Failed

Item 9:  Paced Riding. 25m distance. Failed (guidance note to be produced)

Item 10:  Extend start / finish distance to 2 / 3 miles. Amended to 1.5 and 2.5 miles. Passed

Item 11:  Delete reference to approved timers. Passed

Item 12:  Allocation of Championship medals Passed

Item 13:  Championship regulations to be applied. Passed

Item14a:  DC member to be part of organising committee. 14b:  Budget to be jointly controlled by DC and promoting club. Item 14c:  Field placement to be jointly controlled by DC and promoting club. Item 14d:  DC representative to be invited to meetings. All passed

Item 15:  Increase Mens 10 and 25 fields to 180. Passed

Item 16:  Reduce Mens BAR certificate qualifier to 21 mph. Failed

Item 17:  Abandonment of event – payment of levies. Failed

Item 18:  Club event levy increase – decision by National deplored. Failed

Item 19:  Recognise competition records by Juveniles (additional categories added). Passed

Item 20:  Extrapolate the speed for over-distance courses. Failed

Item 21: Publishing of top 10 results and changes by CTT on website. Passed

If you would like to know any more about the meeting then please feel fre to contact me. David Notley.

New appointments

Dave Keene has taken up the position of Open events Secretary. Mike Dix, who has done a fantastic job for us, has completed the task of submitting the 2006 events (these will be posted on the events page shortly) and has now passed the job onto Dave. On behalf of us all I should like to extend our thanks to Mike and wish Dave well in his new role.

Andy Cook has been co-opted back onto the committee now that he has relinquished the Chair of the CTC and taken up a full time position with BC.

A reminder that the subscriptions for 2006 are due, if you haven't submitted your payment please do so promptly (see below).

Finally, all Club events must also be submitted by 1 December, to Ann.



After more than ten years service as our Chairman Ron Diplock stood down at the AGM this year. Our thanks to Ron for all the hard work and dedication he has given to the District during his time in office. In recognition of his service Ron was awarded the John Galway Trophy.

David Notley (Yeovil CC) was elected as the new Chairman.

Toby Wooldridge has taken on the position of Secretary.

Mike Dix stood down as the Open Events Secretary, but as yet a replacement has not be found. This is a very important and essential role that must be filled, if you would like to volunteer or know of someone in the District that would be willing to give something back to the sport by way of taking on this role then please contact either the Chairman or the Secretary.

We are pleased to welcome Dave Keene onto the committee. There are also four further places vacant on the Committee, again if you would like to join the team then please contact either David or Toby as above.

Both resolutions were passed after amendment:
The first was amended to give the Committee authority to spend the money, raised from the District levy, on any project that it deems appropriate.
The second was amended to remove the method of funding (by an increase in the club levy). But simply to request that the CTT website publish the results for each event on the website in the same fashion as they currently appear in Cycling, ie the top six plus any other prize winners.

Mike Dix presented the schedule of Open events. Thanks to his sterling work prior to the meeting any clashes had been resolved. There were still a few minor matters to be resolved. The full list will be sent to National within the next few weeks, at which point Mike will officially retire from the position. Once again our sincere thanks to Mike for all the hard work he has put in as Open events Secretary and we hope to welcome him back to the Committee if his circumstances allow.

Don't be late

Please remember Club Subscriptions are due on 1st October, please forward in good time to Christine Foster, 19 Marston Lane, Frome, Somerset BA11 4DR. The fee remains at £30.00.

Have you paid your club event levy for 2005? Late payment for this charge will mean payment in advance for next season. Again these should be sent to Christine.



The Annual General Meeting of Cycling Time Trials, West District Council will be held on Sunday September 25th at Falfield Village Hall, commencing at 1400 hours.


1. Apologies for absence.

2. Minutes of the AGM held on 26th September 2004.

3. Matters Arising.

4, Secretarial Report.

5. Treasurer’s Report.

6. Motion for the West D.C. by the Committee. That the local levy charged on the Team Championship events should be used to cover costs for all West D.C. Competitions, not otherwise funded.
Note. National have been very generous in start up costs, providing a shield for the Team Championship and a quantity of medals.The Short Bar has a trophy for the winners , both Men and Ladies kindly arranged by Allan Tebbit from the Gordano Trophies, also there is the John Galway shield provided by Subscription, All the above carry engraving costs together with appropriate medals also engraved. In addition a considerable number of certificates are awarded. Should this motion be passed, the single levy will be sufficient to cover the above costs.

7. Motion for the CTT National Council by the Bath C.C.The CTT should appoint an Internet Results Editor to be funded by a ring fenced increase to the Club’s annual subscription. The editor should be responsible forobtaining and publishing on the Internet each week’s time trial results (eg. first ten placings and prize winners.) The editor should also publish changes to event details sent by clubs, notices from the National Committee and competition tables supplied by associations.
Note. The cost of this service would be borne by the 990 clubs affiliated to the CTT. The CTT should ensure that it has it’s own publication network for disbursing information To clubs and competitors which will maintain the highest possible level of interest in the sport.The CTT should not rely on the Cycling Press for this service.The Cycling Press although a valuable part of our sport will follow their commercial Interests and these are not synonymous with those of CTT. (Although the proposer of this motion sent the result of his event to Snowdens by 11am on the morning of the event, the result was not published for three weeks.)

8. Election of Officers and Committee.

Current Officers and Committee.
Chairman, Ron Diplock.
Secretary, Vacant.
Treasurer, Christine Foster.
Open Events Secretary, Mike Dix.
Club Events Secretary, Ann Wooldridge.
Courses Assessment Secretary, Toby Wooldridge. 
General Committee, Bridget Boon, Andy Cook, Arthur Comer, John Else, Mary-Jane Hutchinson, Geoff Lonsdale, Brian Miller, David Notley. There are two vacancies.

A. Chairman. As previously announced, Ron Diplock is retiring. David Notley has been nominated by the Committee to take over, however further nominations are invited  
B. Secretary. We have been without a permanent Secretary for two years, the Chairman has been covering this role in an acting capacity. Toby Wooldridge has been nominated by the Committee to take over this role, however further nominations are invited.
C. Treasurer.
D. Assistant Secretary Open Events. As announced in the Secretarial report, Mike Dix found it essential that he relinquishes this role (With sincere regret) We therefore need a replacement for this very important job.
E. Club Events Secretary.
F. Assistant Secretary Course Assessment. If Toby is elected Secretary, he is prepared to also continue in this role
G. Committee of 10. 
H. 4 Delegates to the National Council, in early December.
I.  Auditor.
J. Test Co-ordinator.

9. Selection of events for the District Team Championship.

10. GHS Heat for 2006.

11. John Galway Award.

12 Time Course and date fixing for 2006 Open Events

13. Any other business, at the discretion of the Chairman.


Course change The Severn RC 50, scheduled for 11th September will not be on the U19, as published but a new course based on a 13.84 mile circuit, starting near Didmarton (which is where the HQ will be) approximately 12 miles north of Bath.
Club event levy

Advance warning The club event levy, payable for each rider taking part in each club event, will increase to 50p for 2006.



Notice is hereby given that the West District Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday 25 September 2005 at Falfield Village Hall. Commencing at 14:00 hours.

Each club is entitled to send two delegates. Motions for inclusion on the Agenda must be with Ron Diplock by 20 August. (Contact Details).

At the meeting the West District Open Events for 2006 will be finalised. Application forms for these events must be submitted to Mike Dix (Contact details) by 17 September 2005. Application forms have been sent to your club Secretary.

The Agenda will also include an invitation for proposals for the recipient of the John Galway Trophy.

The Delegates Meeting to consider the national Agenda will be held on Sunday 27 November, at Falfield Hall. Starting at 11.00am.


Help needed Cavalier CC, who are holding an Open 10 on the 9th July, cannot find enough Marshalls, they need 6 and have only 3 at the moment. The event is on the U369, the Frome by-pass course. If anyone can help please get in touch with Christine Foster on 01373 474446.


New 25 course A new 25 course is being considered using the A46/A433

Start by BT building approx 0.7 miles west of Didmarton on A433 ( GR 806869).

Go east on A433 through Didmarton to cross roads immediately past Hare & Hounds Hotel( 4.42 miles). Left onto minor road to met A46 (7.46 miles) where left to meet A433 at Dunkirk (12.84 miles). Left again to pass start, Hare & Hounds cross roads (18.26 miles), minor road to A46 (21.32 miles). Left to finish opposite north end of lay by on right hand side of A46, ( GR 800886) ( 25.09 miles).


Online Shop

The CTT website now has an online shop, so for those that don't want to resort to bits of paper and postage stamps you can now buy your Handbook, entry forms and CTT goodies by clicking on the shop link.


Risk Assessments

These have now been added to the Info page, for all open events. The new U370, a 25 mile course based on the Frome by-pass, is being prepared. Risk assesments for club courses not already covered by the open events wil be published soon.




Here is her story so far...

Back in September 2004 I decided that I would like to enter a 24 hour race in Florida, USA. Originally I was thinking of entering the 12 hour event held on the same day, but suddenly decided to give the longer one a lot of thought. One of my lifetime dreams has been to be somehow involved with the Race Across America (the RAAM), and I thought “why not try the RAAM Qualifying section of the race?”

To be accepted in  the SOLO RAAM you have to first qualify in one of the specific non-drafting RAAM QUALIFIER races which are on the UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Association) calendar. I chose to enter the early season Sebring 24 hour event on February 19th. I was already a member of the UMCA and had done a lot of homework on courses. Chris Hopkinson from Derby had ridden this event the previous year, won it, and qualified for the RAAM with 432 miles. Men have to reach 425 miles, and Ladies 400 miles in order to qualify.

But a 24 Hour race in February!! This meant a very hard training program over the winter months when I would normally take things easy. I started specific training towards the end of October. This carried on over Christmas and the New Year and ended with the Ely and District Hardriders event on February 13th. There were some very testing times……

For the full story download RAAM (Word Document)


Club Events

Dursley RC have cancelled their 3 hilly club events on the UC181 because new traffic lights have been installed for the motorway and racing along there is now impossible. They are replacing them with the new Breadstone Circuit UC184. They have 5 events on this new course this year now instead of just 2. They are held on Thursday evenings.

The 2 new 10 mile club event courses used by the Gloucester City CC have both been tried out now. Feedback seems to be in favour of the Corse/ Staunton circuit UC713.

Ann Wooldridge

Team Champs

Dursley RC are the new West DC 10 mile Team Champions. They took the title ahead of Yeovil CC and Somerset RC at the Yeovil CC event on the U30/10.

1 Dursley RC
Dave Rudland 22:24, Denis Connolly 23:02 and Neil Dimon 22:09.
2 Yeovil CC
Michael Loader 22:06, Andy Millward 23:16 and Shaun Walsh 23:52
3 Somerset RC
Rick Johnston 23:06, Tim Reeves 22:58 and Kevin Sayles 23:36

David Notley

Short BAR

In 2005 the West DC will again be running a new BAR competition for riders who do not take part in the longer events that make up the traditional BBAR competition. The competition is called the Short BAR.
Competition secretary: Dave Keene, 205 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NN. Tel: 0117 9247456

Competition Rules :: Course Records :: Current standings :: Notes for event organisers :: Full list of West DC 2005 events
About the competition
The Short BAR will consist of a rider's best two performances at 10 and 25 miles and their best 50 miles performance (i.e. 5 in total) and have categories for men, men's teams of three, women and women's teams of two riders. The competition will be open to members of clubs affiliated to the West DC and based on performances in events on 'U' courses only.
Unlike the BBAR this Short BAR will be decided on points but not in the same way as existing points based competitions like the WTTA Hardrider series. Instead of points being awarded on placing, a rider gains points based on his/her time in relation to the course the event took place on.
Each qualifying event will have a 'Benchmark Time' which will be the fastest solo performance on the course (course record) or where no course record has been established, the fastest entry time for that event. Each of the 3 competition distances' has a 'Benchmark Points Score' which is applied to the 'Benchmark Time'; these scores are: (a) 1000 points for 10 mile events; (b) 2500 points - for 25 mile events; and (c) 5000 points - for 50 mile events.
For each second a rider is slower than the event 'Benchmark Time' his/her points score is reduced by 1 point. If, however, any rider(s) betters the event 'Benchmark Time' then they will receive a bonus of 50 points.
Examples of scoring system
For a 25mile event on the U30/25 the 'Benchmark Time' will be the course record of 51.07 and this has the Benchmark Points Score for a 25 of 2500 points applied to it. A token rider records a 1.01.07 in the event which puts his time 10 minutes (600 seconds) slower than the 'Benchmark Time' which means his points score from that event is 1900 (2500 - 600).
A 10 mile event on the U47 will have a 'Benchmark Time' corresponding to the course record of 20:24 and this will have the Benchmark Points Score for a 10 of 1000 points applied to it. A rider recording a time of 20:17 in the same event would score 1050 points, this being the maximum score plus the 50 point bonus for bettering the event 'Benchmark Time'.
The 'Benchmark Time' for a new 50 mile event, as it is being held on a new course with no course record, will be equal to the fastest Line 3 entry time. As an example, the fastest entry time and hence 'Benchmark Time' for the event is 1:47:32. The event is then won with a time of 1:54:32 which is 7 minutes (420 seconds) slower than the 'Benchmark Time' and so provides a score of 4580 points (5000 - 420).
All 10, 25 & 50 mile events to be promoted in the West DC in 2005 are eligible for the competition. No claims need to be made to qualify for the competition.
The Short BAR competition conditions
1. The competition shall be called the Short Best All-Rounder competition and shall comprise categories for men, women and teams with men's teams consisting of three riders and women's teams of two riders.
2. The competition shall be run in the West DC and be open to members of those clubs affiliated to the West DC only.
3. The competition shall be based on a rider's best two performances at 10 and 25 miles and their best 50 miles performance in events run within the district each season. The competition shall be decided on a points based system with the winner in each category being the rider or team with the highest points total from all 5 events.
4. All "Type A" events run on courses conforming to the requirements of Regulation 35 and included in the annual Cycling Time Trials Handbook shall be eligible.
Each qualifying event shall be allocated a 'Benchmark Time' which will be used to allocate the points for the event. The 'Benchmark Time' for an event shall be the fastest solo performance (course record) for the chosen course, recorded in a "Type A" event, prior to the day of the event.
Where no course record, as defined above, exists, the time of the fastest entrant shall act as the 'Benchmark Time' for the event.
5. For each of the 3 distances of the competition there is a 'Benchmark Points Score', these scores are:
(a) 1000 points for 10 mile events (b) 2500 points for 25 mile events (c) 5000 points for 50 mile events
For each event the appropriate 'Benchmark Points Score' for that distance shall be applied to the event 'Benchmark Time'.
For every second a rider is slower than the 'Benchmark Time' for the event, 1 point is deducted from the 'Benchmark Points Score'. If a rider exceeds the 'Benchmark Time', that rider will receive a 50 point bonus on top of the 'Benchmark Points Score' for that event distance.
A rider's final points score from an event will be equivalent to the 'Benchmark Points Score' minus the number of seconds they are slower than the event 'Benchmark Time' or, 'The Benchmark Points Score' plus 50 points if they better the event 'Benchmark Time'.
6. Promoting secretaries should identify on both start and result sheets that the event is part of the Short BAR and the Benchmark Time for that event. A copy of the result sheet shall be sent to the competition administrator within 28 days of the event.
7. All riders who complete the five events will receive a certificate from the West D.C. There is also a Trophy for 1st placed Male and 1st placed Female(to be kept by the winner for 1 year)+ a medal and a certificate.
Current Course Records
10 mile events25 mile events50 mile eventsU18b - 58.54 Paul Osbourne 2005U7b - 22:00 Dave Keene 2004U21/25 - 55:14 Jon Wynn 2003U21/10 - 20:47 Andy Winterbottom 2003U30/25 - 51:07 Clive Brooks 1997U21/50 - 1:52:34 Mark Wareham 2002U30/10 - 19:55 Clive Brooks 1998U34/25 - 56:16 Andy Cook 2002U369 - 20:51 Darren Willetts 1999U46 - 53:48 Gavin Pardoe 2002U47 - 20:24 Gavin Pardoe 2002U49 - 57:39 Stever Marchant 2004U48 - 21:15 Jon Wynn 2004U72 - 56:39 Roger Iddles 2000U40 - ???????????U703 - 56.31 Rob Wood 2004Notes for Event Organisers
The input required from you as event organisers is very little. You need to place the following wording on your start and result sheets for the event.
"This is a counting event for the West DC Short BAR Competition. The Benchmark Time for this event is ...............................
Details of the competition will be available at the HQ and can also be found at"Event secretaries will not be required to calculate the points score of each rider as this will be done by the competition secretary.


David Keene

Team Champs

The Yeovil CC 10, which incorporates the West DC Team Championship, will take place as published on the U30/10 on 16 April.


David Notley

New 25 course

A new 25 course, to replace the U18R (which has been lost since the erection of traffic lights) has been agreed.

Start :-   On B4061 57 yards north of junction with A38 on Milbury Heath,north of the White Horse pub.
Join A38 head north to junction with B4066 where left (signed Sharpness & Berkeley).6.5 miles. Turn right at first rab remaining on B4066 (signed Sharpness). At second rab go straight on (signed Sharpness Docks). Turn at mini rab at dock gate (this is the end of the public road). 9.2 miles. Retrace to the A38 ie straight on at first rab, left at second rab. 12.5 miles is just before gate of Tony Cullimore Services. At A38 (13.29 miles) turn left and continue north to rab at Slimbridge where turn (16.59 miles). Continue south through Falfield to finish 50 yards north of dropped kerb at Whitfield Gate Farm.(25 miles).(50 mph sign)

Bridget Boon